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If the Washington Post Says It…

  Earlier this week, the Washington Post ran the story,  Girls suffer childhood trauma more. New research shows how yoga can help heal them.  This headline speaks volumes to me. As a female, a mom to a daughter, a certified yoga teacher, a researcher, and a community advocate, much of what I believe and aim to… Continue reading If the Washington Post Says It…

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Morning meditation

My poor, neglected blog! One sure thing about a personal blog: it only gets updated if you update it. I have a backlog of pictures, guest posts, and wonderful horse books to share. But time remains finite, and I guess I always find ways to spend my time other than here. Back in February, I… Continue reading Morning meditation

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Reading On Yoga and Riding

One of my first riding instructors always started our lessons with yoga stretches in the ring at the walk. Pigeon, half-camel, mountain - all versions of yoga postures, modified for the saddle. This routine not only prepared our muscles for the tough work of up-up down, down-down up (you know what I'm talking about!), and… Continue reading Reading On Yoga and Riding

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Solidarity for a Regular Life

I've started this post three or four times. Isn't it hard when you have something important bubbling but can't find the awareness you need to make sense of it? I am wondering about solidarity. I'm sure theologians and sociologists could offer an academic explanation of terminology and framework and concepts. I am wondering about solidarity… Continue reading Solidarity for a Regular Life


Nooks and Crannies: 21 Days of Yoga and Writing

I discovered Bindu Wiles and her 21 days of yoga and writing project on Twitter. We've never met, nor have we spoken, but I love writing. I love yoga and, for me, these two passions are so connected that I couldn't resist participating. It's funny. I came to yoga about ten years ago, after a… Continue reading Nooks and Crannies: 21 Days of Yoga and Writing

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A Sense of Place

I am a big believer that books can mostly be written in the space of time stolen here and there from a busy life of parenting, working, running around like a crazy chicken. Twenty minutes on a Tuesday night...four hours on Saturday...two and half on Sunday. We can train ourselves to make good, creative use… Continue reading A Sense of Place

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Lost and Found

This morning, I met a good and dear friend for coffee in Carytown. We shared a quiet conversation - in tone and in heart - about loss and the continuity of personality during and after loss. Since my friend and I last enjoyed a really good sit down together, we have both lost someone precious… Continue reading Lost and Found