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Taking a Stand for Girls

It’s MLK Day in our nation, during a time when our country is heartbreakingly fractured. On Saturday, January 14, 2017, the two of us took a stand and walked in the March on Monument, a peaceful coming together of the various social justice groups that serve the Richmond community.  Two thousand or so of our neighbors stood… Continue reading Taking a Stand for Girls


1867: A Nod to Horses

Brotherhood by A.B. Westrick Middle grade fiction, Ages 10 and up Viking, 2013 978-0-670-01439-2 It's been my pleasure to know A.B. Westrick for several years. We've worked together in school-based and community settings on many projects related to reading and writing. She is a stickler for details and likes to get things right. Her middle-grade… Continue reading 1867: A Nod to Horses

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RVA Police Horses!

Look at these beauties! At The Meadow last week, I caught up with the Richmond Mounted Squad. They have lots of great community events coming up, including a Police Stables Open Barn Day. If you've never met the officers and horses of the Richmond Mounted Squad, you are missing something special! Here are scenes from… Continue reading RVA Police Horses!

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Yesterday's Richmond Times Dispatch carried a piece by my favorite nature-writer, Rex Springston called Cicadas ready to emerge in Richmond area. I've never met Mr. Springston, but I love his writing and his heart for nature and the natural world. Half the time, honestly, I'm not even paying attention to the byline. Yesterday, I was just… Continue reading Cicadas!


Hometown Culture and Cuisine

My husband, Bubba, and I spent Saturday being tourists in our hometown, Richmond, Virginia. It's easy to fall into a weekend rut - eh...routine. Not a thing wrong with filling Saturday and Sunday with chores, errands, a movie, and a good book, but we decided to switch it up yesterday. We started the morning out… Continue reading Hometown Culture and Cuisine

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Rams on the Road

Shhh....hey, Richmond. I know you're sleeping. We just got to Atlanta and will stop here for the night. Mom and I have had a great trip so far. Our first important business was to get black and white shakes from the Hardee's in South Hill. I'll tell you what, Ram Nation is on the move… Continue reading Rams on the Road

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Road Trip

Hey, I'm dashing this post off, fresh and organic, straight from my brain to my blog. Highly uncharacteristic of me. Normally, I ruminate [thank you Terry Price for reminding me of this delightful word] for a good long little while before pressing the publish button. No such luxury today. First of all, it's the last… Continue reading Road Trip