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2011: A Wonderful Life

Here's a look back on 2011, a really great year for my family and me. Bubba started a new job a year ago and every day we're thankful that he has a job he enjoys. This year I got to go to Houston with my mom and my cousin to watch our VCU Rams play… Continue reading 2011: A Wonderful Life

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Herons and Shad and Poetry

Last night, I dreamed that I was walking at the river, down at Pony Pasture. In my dream, there were Great Blue Herons everywhere! Not a stretch, really, since there actually ARE Great Blue Herons everywhere on the James. [And lately, I can pretty reliably sight a kingfisher, too. No, not the beer. The bird.]… Continue reading Herons and Shad and Poetry


Hometown Culture and Cuisine

My husband, Bubba, and I spent Saturday being tourists in our hometown, Richmond, Virginia. It's easy to fall into a weekend rut - eh...routine. Not a thing wrong with filling Saturday and Sunday with chores, errands, a movie, and a good book, but we decided to switch it up yesterday. We started the morning out… Continue reading Hometown Culture and Cuisine

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Bufflehead Watch

Over the weekend I heard my father-in-law say, "I'm going upstairs to work on my sweaters." I noticed my husband took a cue from his dad and has pulled all his own winter clothes down from the attic. This morning, I could see my breath. As I drove across the James, I saw the river's… Continue reading Bufflehead Watch