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Never Give Up

Sometimes I lay off blogging because I feel like I don't have enough time to get my words right. The thought of doing what I'm doing now...just going commando in the post window freaks me out. Even just this second, I almost backed up to take out those ... because I read a post elsewhere… Continue reading Never Give Up

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Angel, Sent from Above

I like looking at this pretty girl's face - both sides! Even if just in photos on my phone's camera roll. She's the pony I wrote about in Wonderponies, earlier this year. In that post, I was still shaking in my chaps from a freaky trail ride where she was so awesome. In that post,… Continue reading Angel, Sent from Above

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Symbol of His Service

Photo: All About Birds, Red-headed Woodpecker I'm avoiding writing about Albert. Oh, there's a lot to say. A lot of ruminating to come on questions of health and injury, beliefs and fairness. Some wisdom, I hope, will come from Albert, our family, and our vet. He has survived a medical crisis. Right now, it seems… Continue reading Symbol of His Service

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Reading On Yoga and Riding

One of my first riding instructors always started our lessons with yoga stretches in the ring at the walk. Pigeon, half-camel, mountain - all versions of yoga postures, modified for the saddle. This routine not only prepared our muscles for the tough work of up-up down, down-down up (you know what I'm talking about!), and… Continue reading Reading On Yoga and Riding

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Blue Eyes

The weather on Sunday was just right for lingering at the corner stall. And for offering one, two, three peppermint treats and for letting my horse lick peppermint sprinkles from my palm. He was clean, still damp from his first spring bath, and with a belly full of clover, chickweed, and dandelion leaves. Thick crumbs… Continue reading Blue Eyes

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RVA Police Horses!

Look at these beauties! At The Meadow last week, I caught up with the Richmond Mounted Squad. They have lots of great community events coming up, including a Police Stables Open Barn Day. If you've never met the officers and horses of the Richmond Mounted Squad, you are missing something special! Here are scenes from… Continue reading RVA Police Horses!

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Rags to Riches: Brittany and Chestnut

Rags to Riches: Brittany and ChestnutHooray for Brittany and Chestnut! As part of the Rags to Riches contest this weekend at the Equine Extravaganza in Richmond, 8-year old Brittany Bostic and her horse, Chestnut, will perform before judges. When the Bostic family bought Chestnut she had lost 250 pounds from neglect and underfeeding. Thanks to… Continue reading Rags to Riches: Brittany and Chestnut