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Reading On Yoga and Riding

One of my first riding instructors always started our lessons with yoga stretches in the ring at the walk. Pigeon, half-camel, mountain - all versions of yoga postures, modified for the saddle. This routine not only prepared our muscles for the tough work of up-up down, down-down up (you know what I'm talking about!), and… Continue reading Reading On Yoga and Riding


Nooks and Crannies: 21 Days of Yoga and Writing

I discovered Bindu Wiles and her 21 days of yoga and writing project on Twitter. We've never met, nor have we spoken, but I love writing. I love yoga and, for me, these two passions are so connected that I couldn't resist participating. It's funny. I came to yoga about ten years ago, after a… Continue reading Nooks and Crannies: 21 Days of Yoga and Writing

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Lost and Found

This morning, I met a good and dear friend for coffee in Carytown. We shared a quiet conversation - in tone and in heart - about loss and the continuity of personality during and after loss. Since my friend and I last enjoyed a really good sit down together, we have both lost someone precious… Continue reading Lost and Found

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Busy Mind

The physical practice of yoga makes me strong and bendy. I feel close to the wind and sky when I practice outside in my yard. The fading scent of Winter Daphne is a strong motivator for inhaling. At the barn, I hold King Dancer and hold Albert like he is the wall. With no fear… Continue reading Busy Mind

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Albert Yoga

I remember the first time I rode a horse...ever. Mini-dresses were fashionable – it was the 60s, and I was five. We lived in Boulder, Colorado, where a few buffalo still roamed. My father arranged for us to ride together, and I showed up wearing a mini-dress. Man, was that uncomfortable. I remember the ride… Continue reading Albert Yoga