Grace · Horse People

Conversations with the Silent by Katie Cerminara

I met Katie Cerminara through her work with Canine Adventure. We needed someone to care for Biscuit over a string of upcoming out-of-town engagements. And, Bub and I were both working so much that we thought Biscuit might like to get out of the house and onto the trail for some adventure walks. When Katie… Continue reading Conversations with the Silent by Katie Cerminara

Albert · Grace

Blue Eyes

The weather on Sunday was just right for lingering at the corner stall. And for offering one, two, three peppermint treats and for letting my horse lick peppermint sprinkles from my palm. He was clean, still damp from his first spring bath, and with a belly full of clover, chickweed, and dandelion leaves. Thick crumbs… Continue reading Blue Eyes


On Courage

Tomorrow I'll drive my daughter and her good friend to riding camp in Vermont. Judith loves Vermont; she adores her friend. Of course, they will have a fantastic week. Judith would rather spend her days and nights at the barn than at a mall or a movie. At camp, they'll do horse yoga (!), ride… Continue reading On Courage


Lazy, Breezy Tuesday

Albert and I shared an apple this morning - a perfectly crisp Gala from Washington State. It was such an unseasonably cool morning that I think neither of us wanted to be anywhere but right where we were: looking out over his gate, across the hilly fields, and listening to the cat, the girls, the… Continue reading Lazy, Breezy Tuesday

Albert · Horse Yoga

Lost and Found

This morning, I met a good and dear friend for coffee in Carytown. We shared a quiet conversation - in tone and in heart - about loss and the continuity of personality during and after loss. Since my friend and I last enjoyed a really good sit down together, we have both lost someone precious… Continue reading Lost and Found

Albert · Chancey of the Maury River


Tomorrow night, I'm visiting a local 4-H club to talk about my book, Chancey of the Maury River.  This club meets at our barn, right across the green from Albert's stall.  We have sunny, warm weather here in Virginia today, so I think  we'll hold our talk outside, with Albert. A week of rain turned… Continue reading Beautification