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Reading for Resilience

I hope your summer reading is off to an invigorating, relaxing, mysterious, romantic, adventurous, historical, fantastical start! We had a great turnout for Girls of Summer 2017; perhaps some of those amazing books for amazing girls have found a spot in your beach bag! As I'm preparing to to journey up to Massachusetts, where I'll… Continue reading Reading for Resilience

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A Gracious Plenty

The last couple of weeks have been filled up with amazing women doing amazing work. This year, when the YWCA of Richmond selected me as their third Pat Asch Social Justice Fellow, (I freaked out and) I joined Cheryl Groce-Wright and Leslie Lytle in an emerging sisterhood of justice-seeking women living and working in Richmond.… Continue reading A Gracious Plenty

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The Brain’s Inner Workings

With thanks to the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine for sharing and developing, this excellent and helpful infographic of the brain is a terrific tool for everyone with a brain!

Books · Pat Asch Fellowship

Elderhood in Children’s Books

My earliest memories of comfort and solace and courage, of overcoming fear, learning something new, and connecting to creation involve my grandparents. Each of my books revolves around multiple generations and depicts a kid overcoming adversity with the help and safe companionship of an old person ("person" being loosely defined as human or horse). As… Continue reading Elderhood in Children’s Books

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If the Washington Post Says It…

  Earlier this week, the Washington Post ran the story,  Girls suffer childhood trauma more. New research shows how yoga can help heal them.  This headline speaks volumes to me. As a female, a mom to a daughter, a certified yoga teacher, a researcher, and a community advocate, much of what I believe and aim to… Continue reading If the Washington Post Says It…

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Growth Through Change

Earlier this spring, my friend Free Egunfemi of Untold RVA and I met up for lunch at Cava Grille near VCU. In name and in presence, Free speaks of imagination, possibility, and awareness of ancestors, an unbroken line of people who have gone on ahead, but who are not gone from our reach. It's good… Continue reading Growth Through Change