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A Place of Knowing Within

When our horse, Albert, passed away in May, my sister, Leigh, offered words and images that helped me move into, with, and through my grief. In her health care practice, hospice volunteer work, and honoring ministry for people and pets, there’s a common thread of accompanying people through transitions. In particular, she's devoted to nurturing… Continue reading A Place of Knowing Within

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Rest in Peace My Sweet Albert

My horse died yesterday, sometime in the early black hours when morning is still night. Or maybe just as dawn was breaking. I should say our horse not my horse. The litany of Albert’s belonging goes like this: He belonged to my family – my daughter, my husband, me. During our first twelve years of… Continue reading Rest in Peace My Sweet Albert

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DIY Stall Bench for Your Older Equine

All horses need to be able to rest their feet, take a load off occasionally. For Albert, this has become nearly impossible, because he can't get up from the ground any longer. This must be hard on him and frustrating, too. He used to love to roll. Not a half-roll, but a full roll. He's… Continue reading DIY Stall Bench for Your Older Equine