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Wild Puppy, Wild Oak, Wild Me

There is a vital energy within each of us that connects us to the earth. Sometimes this connection is so fundamental that we easily forget: I breathe; the tree breathes. Sometimes, our connection to nature is so surprising that we laugh out loud: I eat a pizza; the crow demands pizza crust. Spending mindful time… Continue reading Wild Puppy, Wild Oak, Wild Me

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Something I dream about

Yesternight, my daughter often said when she was little. She liked to make these perfect words, at that age when precise oddities of language were so precious. Yesternight, so dreamy, so full of possibility already sprung free from the imagination, now, today coming into being. Yesternight, sacred like vespers sweet like whispers of horses named… Continue reading Something I dream about

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Timbre in Vermont

Last summer, on the way up to Vershire, Vermont to drop off my daughter and her good friend at riding camp, we stopped at the Vermont Welcome Center on our way up 91 and discovered a brochure for the Robert Frost Stone House Museum in South Shaftsbury, outside of Bennington. Visiting a beloved writer's home… Continue reading Timbre in Vermont

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If you enjoy your life, kiss your daughter

I had a whole other post I've been working on about purpose and gratitude. I'll definitely get to finishing up that one, but not tonight. I actually had a kind of hard day today. You know the story - who doesn't? I woke up all during the night last night, my writing this morning felt… Continue reading If you enjoy your life, kiss your daughter

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We Journey to the Day

"I sing to use the waiting, my bonnet but to tie, And shut the door unto my house; No more to do have I, Till, his best step approaching, We journey to the day, And tell each other how we sang To keep the dark away." Emily Dickinson, Part Four: Time and Eternity CXIV