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Rest in Peace My Sweet Albert

My horse died yesterday, sometime in the early black hours when morning is still night. Or maybe just as dawn was breaking. I should say our horse not my horse. The litany of Albert’s belonging goes like this: He belonged to my family – my daughter, my husband, me. During our first twelve years of… Continue reading Rest in Peace My Sweet Albert

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Barn Birds

Getting out to the barn to ride Angel or care for Albert brings lots of rewards: the companionship of good horses, the constant light breeze on my face, the distant sound of baying of hounds, and the good birds. How is that watching a mockingbird find a narrow strip of shade between the slats of… Continue reading Barn Birds

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I Want to Be A Rodeo Rider

Cowboy Up! Ride the Navajo Rodeo by Nancy Bo Flood, Photography by Jan Sonnenmair Picture book, Ages 8 and up Boyds Mill Press/Wordsong, 2013 978-1-59078-893-6 Junior Library Guild Selection Have you ever opened a book just because you’re curious? Maybe the title or the cover grabs your attention. Isn’t it often a question that makes… Continue reading I Want to Be A Rodeo Rider

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Wonderponies: I’m a believer

Look at this sweet mare reclining in the hay! Her whole name is Saved by an Angel, and last week on the trail she lived up to her name. Four of us went out for a ride on a cool, cloudy afternoon.  The sky was gray but the fields and the forest popped with every… Continue reading Wonderponies: I’m a believer

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Look to this Day

My mother-in-law specializes in acts of kindness. I've posted about her generous spirit before here and here. She knows I'm worrying about my horse, and this morning she emailed me her favorite poem, by 5th Century Sanskrit poet, Kalidasa. So, now I'll take my own favorite advice: breathe in, breathe out. repeat. Look to this… Continue reading Look to this Day

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Symbol of His Service

Photo: All About Birds, Red-headed Woodpecker I'm avoiding writing about Albert. Oh, there's a lot to say. A lot of ruminating to come on questions of health and injury, beliefs and fairness. Some wisdom, I hope, will come from Albert, our family, and our vet. He has survived a medical crisis. Right now, it seems… Continue reading Symbol of His Service

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Blue Eyes

The weather on Sunday was just right for lingering at the corner stall. And for offering one, two, three peppermint treats and for letting my horse lick peppermint sprinkles from my palm. He was clean, still damp from his first spring bath, and with a belly full of clover, chickweed, and dandelion leaves. Thick crumbs… Continue reading Blue Eyes