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Turning toward fall, I give thanks for the restorative time spent this summer with family, friends, and the earth!   Always, too, I give thanks for birds. I am a secret poet and not a very good one at that. I especially like to write poemish things to remember some of the birds I see and… Continue reading Turning

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Morning meditation

My poor, neglected blog! One sure thing about a personal blog: it only gets updated if you update it. I have a backlog of pictures, guest posts, and wonderful horse books to share. But time remains finite, and I guess I always find ways to spend my time other than here. Back in February, I… Continue reading Morning meditation

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Barn Birds

Getting out to the barn to ride Angel or care for Albert brings lots of rewards: the companionship of good horses, the constant light breeze on my face, the distant sound of baying of hounds, and the good birds. How is that watching a mockingbird find a narrow strip of shade between the slats of… Continue reading Barn Birds

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Symbol of His Service

Photo: All About Birds, Red-headed Woodpecker I'm avoiding writing about Albert. Oh, there's a lot to say. A lot of ruminating to come on questions of health and injury, beliefs and fairness. Some wisdom, I hope, will come from Albert, our family, and our vet. He has survived a medical crisis. Right now, it seems… Continue reading Symbol of His Service

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Yesterday's Richmond Times Dispatch carried a piece by my favorite nature-writer, Rex Springston called Cicadas ready to emerge in Richmond area. I've never met Mr. Springston, but I love his writing and his heart for nature and the natural world. Half the time, honestly, I'm not even paying attention to the byline. Yesterday, I was just… Continue reading Cicadas!

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2011: A Wonderful Life

Here's a look back on 2011, a really great year for my family and me. Bubba started a new job a year ago and every day we're thankful that he has a job he enjoys. This year I got to go to Houston with my mom and my cousin to watch our VCU Rams play… Continue reading 2011: A Wonderful Life

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Herons and Shad and Poetry

Last night, I dreamed that I was walking at the river, down at Pony Pasture. In my dream, there were Great Blue Herons everywhere! Not a stretch, really, since there actually ARE Great Blue Herons everywhere on the James. [And lately, I can pretty reliably sight a kingfisher, too. No, not the beer. The bird.]… Continue reading Herons and Shad and Poetry

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Who Cooks for You?

Where I live it's kind of like an urban forest. We're near the river, yet right in the city, too - right on Rattlesnake Creek (no rattlesnakes!). We see our fair share of deer and bunnies, raccoons and all sorts of woodpeckers. I've even seen a red fox crossing the street at night. And, oh,… Continue reading Who Cooks for You?

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Something Right in the World

I've spent this past week in the San Francisco Bay area, a place I love dearly for the people here who make me feel like I'm home, for its natural sunshiney beauty, and also for the region's deep and abiding spirit of acceptance. The word tolerance comes to mind then quickly blows away to settle… Continue reading Something Right in the World

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Meadowlarks Declining

Once or twice a year I go out to Cumberland County to work cows with my three favorite men: my husband, my father-in-law, and my brother-in-law. My role is sort of tertiary. I fill syringes with approved vaccines and write numbers on ear tags. Sometimes, I get to operate the head gate! The work starts… Continue reading Meadowlarks Declining

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Wild Puppy, Wild Oak, Wild Me

There is a vital energy within each of us that connects us to the earth. Sometimes this connection is so fundamental that we easily forget: I breathe; the tree breathes. Sometimes, our connection to nature is so surprising that we laugh out loud: I eat a pizza; the crow demands pizza crust. Spending mindful time… Continue reading Wild Puppy, Wild Oak, Wild Me

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Solidarity for a Regular Life

I've started this post three or four times. Isn't it hard when you have something important bubbling but can't find the awareness you need to make sense of it? I am wondering about solidarity. I'm sure theologians and sociologists could offer an academic explanation of terminology and framework and concepts. I am wondering about solidarity… Continue reading Solidarity for a Regular Life

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If you enjoy your life, kiss your daughter

I had a whole other post I've been working on about purpose and gratitude. I'll definitely get to finishing up that one, but not tonight. I actually had a kind of hard day today. You know the story - who doesn't? I woke up all during the night last night, my writing this morning felt… Continue reading If you enjoy your life, kiss your daughter

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A Sense of Place

I am a big believer that books can mostly be written in the space of time stolen here and there from a busy life of parenting, working, running around like a crazy chicken. Twenty minutes on a Tuesday night...four hours on Saturday...two and half on Sunday. We can train ourselves to make good, creative use… Continue reading A Sense of Place

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Did anyone else notice that beautiful rainbow ring around the moon this past Thursday night? When I was a kid I used to always think moonrings meant snow. Driving across the Huguenot Bridge on Friday (12/4), I saw about ten bufflehead in the river right around the bridge...just a few. Today, I didn't get down… Continue reading Winter

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Bufflehead Watch

Over the weekend I heard my father-in-law say, "I'm going upstairs to work on my sweaters." I noticed my husband took a cue from his dad and has pulled all his own winter clothes down from the attic. This morning, I could see my breath. As I drove across the James, I saw the river's… Continue reading Bufflehead Watch

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Saddest Day Haiku

Saddest Day Haiku. That's what my friend, Karen, called the perfect little poem that she sent me in honor of my dog. Here's her haiku below. It makes me happy and sad, and, like all of my favorite haiku, it makes a picture in my mind and on my heart. Patient brown eyes Shining now… Continue reading Saddest Day Haiku