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A Place of Knowing Within

When our horse, Albert, passed away in May, my sister, Leigh, offered words and images that helped me move into, with, and through my grief. In her health care practice, hospice volunteer work, and honoring ministry for people and pets, there’s a common thread of accompanying people through transitions. In particular, she's devoted to nurturing… Continue reading A Place of Knowing Within

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Angel, Sent from Above

I like looking at this pretty girl's face - both sides! Even if just in photos on my phone's camera roll. She's the pony I wrote about in Wonderponies, earlier this year. In that post, I was still shaking in my chaps from a freaky trail ride where she was so awesome. In that post,… Continue reading Angel, Sent from Above

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2,900 Miles From Home

My sister recently reminded me that after our grammy died in 2007, I didn't write for a while, either. She's right about that. Then, I withdrew to my garden and spent the summer weeding in my nightgown. I miss my pony and think about him every day and night. But, it's awesome to consider the… Continue reading 2,900 Miles From Home

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Rest in Peace My Sweet Albert

My horse died yesterday, sometime in the early black hours when morning is still night. Or maybe just as dawn was breaking. I should say our horse not my horse. The litany of Albert’s belonging goes like this: He belonged to my family – my daughter, my husband, me. During our first twelve years of… Continue reading Rest in Peace My Sweet Albert

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Barn Birds

Getting out to the barn to ride Angel or care for Albert brings lots of rewards: the companionship of good horses, the constant light breeze on my face, the distant sound of baying of hounds, and the good birds. How is that watching a mockingbird find a narrow strip of shade between the slats of… Continue reading Barn Birds

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DIY Stall Bench for Your Older Equine

All horses need to be able to rest their feet, take a load off occasionally. For Albert, this has become nearly impossible, because he can't get up from the ground any longer. This must be hard on him and frustrating, too. He used to love to roll. Not a half-roll, but a full roll. He's… Continue reading DIY Stall Bench for Your Older Equine

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The Long and Winding Road

This week's follow up visit with the vet brought good news tempered with a reality-check. Albert's doing better but he's not all better. After seeing the good doc: Albert's Lily pads came off of his feet. His front legs are still getting wrapped every day, and his RX regime is geared toward pain management and… Continue reading The Long and Winding Road

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Symbol of His Service

Photo: All About Birds, Red-headed Woodpecker I'm avoiding writing about Albert. Oh, there's a lot to say. A lot of ruminating to come on questions of health and injury, beliefs and fairness. Some wisdom, I hope, will come from Albert, our family, and our vet. He has survived a medical crisis. Right now, it seems… Continue reading Symbol of His Service

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Blue Eyes

The weather on Sunday was just right for lingering at the corner stall. And for offering one, two, three peppermint treats and for letting my horse lick peppermint sprinkles from my palm. He was clean, still damp from his first spring bath, and with a belly full of clover, chickweed, and dandelion leaves. Thick crumbs… Continue reading Blue Eyes

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Horse Therapy

Our horse Albert spent sixteen years as a school horse in therapeutic riding programs here in Virginia. Sometimes, I'd just go out to the barn and look at him working. His heart and focus and concentration during therapeutic lessons inspired me to write Chancey. The amazing thing is that there are hundreds..maybe even thousands of… Continue reading Horse Therapy

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2011: A Wonderful Life

Here's a look back on 2011, a really great year for my family and me. Bubba started a new job a year ago and every day we're thankful that he has a job he enjoys. This year I got to go to Houston with my mom and my cousin to watch our VCU Rams play… Continue reading 2011: A Wonderful Life

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Great Books for Horse Lovers

Have you discovered this wonderful website, Great Horse Books for Horse Lovers, yet? Here, Vanessa Wright has curated one of the most comprehensive, helpful, and interesting online collections of horse books. You'll want to bookmark Great Books for Horse Lovers and Vanessa's other project, The Literary Horse, so you can easily return and explore the… Continue reading Great Books for Horse Lovers

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Can Spring Be Far Behind?

Daffodils, Lenten Rose, downy new grass, and Albert shedding his coat like a snake sheds skin...all signs that spring is definitely emerging. Albert and I spent this afternoon getting ready for a Skype visit this week with a 5th grade class in Texas. The students are reading my book, Chancey of the Maury River. Albert… Continue reading Can Spring Be Far Behind?


On Courage

Tomorrow I'll drive my daughter and her good friend to riding camp in Vermont. Judith loves Vermont; she adores her friend. Of course, they will have a fantastic week. Judith would rather spend her days and nights at the barn than at a mall or a movie. At camp, they'll do horse yoga (!), ride… Continue reading On Courage

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Solidarity for a Regular Life

I've started this post three or four times. Isn't it hard when you have something important bubbling but can't find the awareness you need to make sense of it? I am wondering about solidarity. I'm sure theologians and sociologists could offer an academic explanation of terminology and framework and concepts. I am wondering about solidarity… Continue reading Solidarity for a Regular Life

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When I was a little girl, I could not fall asleep without my mom there with me. I didn't need the light on but needed her to read one more chapter, rub my head, and please just sing the Christopher Robin song one more time. She almost always did stay with me, too. At least,… Continue reading Vespers


Lazy, Breezy Tuesday

Albert and I shared an apple this morning - a perfectly crisp Gala from Washington State. It was such an unseasonably cool morning that I think neither of us wanted to be anywhere but right where we were: looking out over his gate, across the hilly fields, and listening to the cat, the girls, the… Continue reading Lazy, Breezy Tuesday