Guest Author: Christine Meunier

Free Rein by Christine Meunier
Free Rein by Christine Meunier

Author Christine Meunier has just released Free Reign, Book 3 of her Free Rein Series, a Christian-based, horse series for kids. She lives in Australia, and is also the author of Horse Country, a day-to-day look inside the Thoroughbred industry. Nature and animals bring me closer to God, too, so I invited Christine to share some thoughts on her passion for horses and her faith.

Check out Christine’s series: Thank you, Christine for visiting my blog and sharing your love of horses and writing and God! – Gigi

Christine Meunier
Author Christine Meunier

I love horses and I love my God. This series I hope will share with others my passion for horses and horse care, as well as learning about Christ.

In the first novel in the series – New Beginnings – 10-year-old Jacqui King is moving interstate with her family. They have taken up a lease on a large property and Jacqui is thrilled to think that her mother wants to open up the land for people to pay to keep their horses there. Maybe she’ll get to learn to ride and see horses every day.

In Pursuit of a Horse is the second book in the series. Jacqui’s close friend Hannah Johnston has been promised a horse for her birthday. Her Aunt Jan breeds ponies, and so Jacqui, Hannah and Geordie are off on an adventure to find a pony for Hannah to get.

Free Reign finds Jacqui having a ball with her two closest friends Geordie and Hannah. All three have ponies that they are keeping at Jacqui’s parents’ property, Genesis. Over the school holidays they’re taking advantage of opportunities to spend as much time in the saddle as possible.
After a growth spurt, Jacqui is amazed to find that her teenage instructor Kara suggests that her pony Matty may be too small for her. Jacqui is devastated to think she may not be able to ride for much longer.

An unexpected announcement from her parents brings more bad news. Jacqui is sad and confused. Why would God have the family move interstate where they could set up a horse property and then take it all away?

The books explore the world of caring for a horse as all three girls improve their horse riding skills and eventually acquire horses of their own. Alongside this they must learn responsibility and accountability to keep their ponies happy and healthy.

I often think our skills and interests are God given. I didn’t choose to like horses and it wasn’t something that came through family interest – it was God given. Likewise, I have a love for words: I appreciate a kind word, I love lyrics in songs and I love to read a good book.

It’s my belief that God can combine your passions and turn you into someone who is able to use them to inspire and inform others. I love to teach people about horses, I love to write and I love my God so it perhaps now only seems natural that the idea for a Christian horse series would come about.

Although I’ve toyed with the idea for a while, it wasn’t until God provided me with inspiration for characters and a plot that I was able to move forward with writing. Likewise, some things I still want to happen in my life I know will come about in His timing. I write because God’s given me a love to do so and it’s about horses for the same reason. It is my hope that this combination will work to bring others closer to God.


8 thoughts on “Guest Author: Christine Meunier

  1. It is wonderful to see young women, using their God given talents, and making the world a better place because of it! Good work Christine!


  2. Brittany, thank you very much for visiting my blog! Christine’s books may be ordered via Amazon. My books are also available there and at IndieBound and or via your local bookseller in the U.S. Price will vary depending upon retailer. Thanks, again!


  3. Thank YOU, Christine! I really like how you said this, “I have a love for words: I appreciate a kind word, I love lyrics in songs and I love to read a good book.” Best wishes for your continued success!


  4. YI would love to own this novel of books by gig.they seem very interesting to me and as if they would relate to me so well.I just wish I knew where to find them and the cost for each book.


  5. Touche, Richard! LOL. But, sure, try the Zen of Horseriding by Ingrid Soren and Zen & Horseback Riding by Tom Nagel and Zen Mind, Zen Horse : The Science and Spirituality of Working with Horses by Allan J. Hamilton. I blogged about those titles here.


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