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Morning meditation

Sparkly sunset on the James.
Sparkly sunset on the James.

My poor, neglected blog! One sure thing about a personal blog: it only gets updated if you update it. I have a backlog of pictures, guest posts, and wonderful horse books to share. But time remains finite, and I guess I always find ways to spend my time other than here.

Back in February, I started a new job. After working remotely for ten years, it’s an adjustment going into an office every day. One outcome of that switch is that I overhauled my daily routine so that I start my days spending my time doing things that I love: yoga, meditating, writing.

That way, every day starts out as a great day!

I do intend to catch up here. I like my blog. I enjoy having space to arrange cool info about horses and grace and gratitude.

In this morning’s meditation, I used a practice that I read about in Yoga Journal or maybe Shambhala Sun. One function of meditation is to come to better understand your true self & this was an interesting way to explore.

The basic practice: Sit comfortably. Bring your attention to your breath, attending to each inhale and exhale. Use the mantra I am. Observe and release any thoughts. After a while ask the question, Who am I? Observe any images that come to you.

That was a nice and unexpected period of sitting. I’m not a seasoned or knowledgeable meditator, but I like the way I feel when I start my days by sitting quietly after yoga.

Here’s what I observed when I asked the question Who am I?

I am a Hallelujah chorus, sunlight, and sparkle.

A mound of laundry, waiting to be washed.
Full of lost, forgotten things: a left shoe, a dangly earring, twenty dollars, a dozen single socks and Grammy’s pin from the 1960s.

I’m not the throat but the tickle that wants to cough, sing, or receive a long gaze.


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