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Hay, here’s a great summer barn book!

Horse: The Essential Guide for Young Equestrians
by Rosie Stoddard and Phillip Marshall
2008, Candlewick Press
Ages 6-9 Grades 1-4
ISBN: 9780763635473

With the end of the school year well within sight, thoughts turn to summer – camp, road trips, and long days at the barn. Horse: The Essential Guide for Young Equestrians makes a perfect summer-kick-off gift for horse kids going on vacation, heading off to camp, or gearing up for first-time riding lessons. Full of lively illustrations, pull-out activities, and practical guides, Horse is a world unto itself. Here, kids get a guided exploration of the universe of horses.

The basics of horse care and horse breeds are explained, as well as markings, colors, and patterns. How-to sections are sprinkled throughout the book to show kids how to braid a tail, pick a hoof, take care of tack, and more.

Table of Contents

Interior breeds

When my daughter and her horsey friends were younger, they would have been as eager for this book as Albert is for supper when he hears the feed room door open at 430 p.m. And, they’d have devoured each page then started over. If you’re looking for an expertly researched, beautifully illustrated, and entertaining book for your young equestrian, you’ve found it, partner!


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