The Eclectic Horse

Speaking of Ponies

Yesterday’s post about the brave-hearted Angel got me thinking about that superpony Theodore O’Connor, who departed this world in 2008. A 14.1 hand Thoroughbred, Arabian, Shetland cross, Teddy competed in eventing at elite levels.

I love watching this video of Karen O’Connor’s 2007 Rolex Kentucky cross country trip with Teddy. He became the first pony to compete there and earned the best conditioned horse award. Listen to how the crowd cheers them on with shouts of, “Go, Teddy!”

He had such a fan club and represented his sport so well, that Breyer created a model in his honor: Breyer #1330 Theodore O’Connor “Teddy” – Thoroughbred Sport Pony, released in 2008 & 2009.

Breyer 1330
Breyer 1330 Theodore O’Connor

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