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Yesterday’s Richmond Times Dispatch carried a piece by my favorite nature-writer, Rex Springston called Cicadas ready to emerge in Richmond area. I’ve never met Mr. Springston, but I love his writing and his heart for nature and the natural world.

Half the time, honestly, I’m not even paying attention to the byline.

Yesterday, I was just doing my usual slow mosey through my hometown paper, a meander I savor every morning with tea during the week and a Latte on weekends. His stories just draw me in, and about two lines down, I look back up to the headline.

“I wonder if this is Rex? Oh, yep!”

Like his story about the Cicadas, which I totally devoured. Can’t wait for Brood II to crawl up and out. When they arrive above ground, I’ll be ready to be still and sit and listen and watch.

Here’s a portion of an encounter I had with a cicada molting on my front porch in 2011. The whole event took about half an hour.

If you enjoy reading about the earth and our relationship with animals and if you relish the wild places that somehow stay wild even with our tampering, you’ll love Rex Springston’s work.

Here are some of my favorites from him this year:

Two Bryan Park birds make unusual duo

Ospreys offer clues on the environment

Herons return to island near Shockoe Slip


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