Cross Country

My daughter and I recently returned from a 2,515 mile drive from Phoenix to our home in Richmond, Virginia. There’s a lot to write about the trip: the reasons for it, the urgency around the timing, the fun of driving 2,515 miles with a year old dog [I mean it. That was fun!]…seeing our family in Mesa, absorbing all the colors of Sedona into our spirits, learning about the windmills in Oklahoma, not spying Kevin Durant or Eric Maynor in OKC [JK sorta], not spotting a live Armadillo anywhere, singing Dixie Chicks mile after gorgeous mile. Working out that harmony.

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In five short days, we saw a real ghost town, we learned that the Coconino National Forest includes almost two million acres, and learned that one windmill in those gorgeous Oklahoma windmill fields powers 1,000 homes. We realized when we reached Arkansas how calm we both feel in a landscape lush with trees, when we reached Tennessee how deeply we love the deep, dark green of cedars, and, when we reached Virginia, we remembered once again how the heart and the senses rejoice together upon recognizing home. So much to see and share! It was the trip of a lifetime and maybe, one day, I’ll write all about those five days. For now, I’ll just share these favorite images.


8 thoughts on “Cross Country

  1. Thanks! I know what you mean about the emptiness. Another thing that surprised me is how much still moves across the country via trains. I think for the entire 5 day trip we were driving along beside one train or another. Pretty amazing. The dog (Cola) gave us a great excuse to take hiking breaks! Hope your revising is going well, Kirsten!


  2. Love the pictures! I did a similar trip a few years ago, and I remember being amazed at how empty a great deal of the country is. I wasn’t brave enough to bring a dog, along, though. I’m glad that worked out:)


  3. Hi Denise, thanks a lot! You know, it was such an outstanding trip that I might like to do that again someday. Maybe take a more northerly route out and a little more middling one back home. My mom and I drove almost coast to coast along the Gulf a couple of years ago when we went to the Final Four. Another beautiful drive! See you soon, I hope!


  4. What a wonderful trip and such lush photos! It’s an amazing country and you got to see so much of it. There’s a lot to be said for road trips and I’m glad you had such an experience with your daughter and dog. Can’t wait to see how those sights and sounds are fed into your writing, because I know they will.

    Denise Golinowski/Author


  5. These photos are gorgeous. I especially love the one of Judith at the beginning or end of a road, her hair blowing. Also the sweet dog looking like a split fryer on the back seat. And, oh…a rainbow because they are miracles that make us catch our breath. You’ll remember this your whole lives!


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