Skull Toile – Deux

Alexander Henry Midnight Pastoral Blue

Remember these beautiful, dead people on the toile of perfection? I love them.

A while ago, my awesome mother-in-law made me a roman shade for my guest bath out of Alexander Henry’s Midnight Pastoral toile in black. Then, I found…..the blue Midnight Pastoral!

Eternally Spring

I’m sort of a freak about toile, anyway. I want to live in it. Did I already say I want to live in every toile I’ve ever met except the Beatrix Potter toile, which sounds like it would be so amazing, and it would be except the Beatrix Potter toile that I’ve seen depicts the cruelest moments of conflict from her stories. Peter Rabbit about to be caught by Mr. McGregor, Mr. Tod licking his chops, and the kittens in some trouble, too.

Mr. Tod
Lunchtime for Mr. Tod

No, that scares me. I love Beatrix Potter so much, I would like to visit her farm one day, but I would not like to live in her toile.

So, what happened with the blue Midnight Pastoral? Well, I took it up to my madre’s house. She loves fabric; I wanted her to see the blue skull-people.

She turned 1 yard into this:

How many books will fit in this tote?

For me!!! I know I’m going to have to stop one day. Stop buying toile. Stop buying books. But….not for a long, long time.


3 thoughts on “Skull Toile – Deux

  1. Wow. Can something be creepy AND gorgeous?! A beautiful book bag. Also, I share your wanting to take up residence in toile scenes…but what a bummer about Beatrix Potter’s!


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