Black Pony!

Big stacks of kidlit
Big stacks of kidlit

Last month I spent a week working in California. One of the real treats of being in the Bay Area is staying with my aunt; she’s like a second mother to me. When I was born, my Aunt Mary was 15. Some of my earliest and warmest memories are of being with her – singing, reading, playing. She gave me a great love of books and animals. What a lucky little girl I was to have her in my life.

Now, there is another lucky little girl on her way into the world for my Aunt Mary to love. My sweet cousin and his wife [I had the honor of officiating their wedding two years ago!] expect their first child in early August. A baby girl!

Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle - A classic!
A Classic!

On my recent visit, my aunt and I got lost in the fun of organizing boxes of children’s books for the new baby. These all once belonged to my aunt or her two boys. We made these stacks: classic picture books, early readers, board books, Golden Years, Christmas books, Halloween books, Easter books, Bible books, and anthology/reference books.

Dick and Jane!
And a treasure - Dick and Jane!

We found this first edition primer, printed in 1930! I always thought I remembered reading Dick and Jane at my grammy’s house. Inside, this one bears the scribbles of my aunt when she was just learning to write in cursive.

And….the Black Pony! Look at Alice trying to feed Black Pony buttercups. Not smart, Alice; ponies shouldn’t eat buttercups.

Black Pony can not play all day, Alice!

2 thoughts on “Black Pony!

  1. That’s exactly right! The first story I remember from my grammy is The Little Match Girl, oh, breaking my heart so perfectly over and over. I loved it. Made all-ok, of course, because I was sitting in Grammy’s lap!


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