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Something Right in the World

I’ve spent this past week in the San Francisco Bay area, a place I love dearly for the people here who make me feel like I’m home, for its natural sunshiney beauty, and also for the region’s deep and abiding spirit of acceptance.

The word tolerance comes to mind then quickly blows away to settle someplace else, because while tolerance is the standard of human interaction in some parts of our country, the Bay Area heart beats in celebration. In celebration of all things that come to fruition from a good and true heart.

I’ve often wondered, who would I be if I lived in this place?

I’ll be heading home shortly and it will be good to be home. As always, I go home with many blessings from this place:

The barista who greeted me each morning with a sing-songey, “One latte of the creamy variety for Gigi.”

The two horses who are chilling in a field on the downside of the firetrail hill. How I love hearing them whinny and feeding them fresh grass.

Putting my arms around my aunt’s waist and hugging her whenever I wanted to just because she was there in person and I could look into her cerulean blue eyes and know she and I have loved each other for 46 years!

Having a job-job where creativity is welcome, where everyone has a chance to make something good and helpful for old people and caregivers.

Hearing my second favorite basketball player, Charles Jenkins, get drafted to my second favorite NBA team, the Golden State Warriors. The draft could only have been better if VCU’s Jamie Skeen’s named had been called, but now we know something greater must be in store for him.

Enjoying a fried chicken sandwich from Bake Sale Betty in Oakland!

Reading in the paper this morning that five California Condors are living in San Jose. There are only 192 of these birds flying free in the world. The local Audubon society was quoted in The Contra Cost Times saying, “It is a blessing. It feels like something’s right in the world.”

Yes, that’s how I feel whenever I come out to this part of America. So many blessings here and so much right with the world.


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