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Rams on the Road

Shhh….hey, Richmond. I know you’re sleeping. We just got to Atlanta and will stop here for the night. Mom and I have had a great trip so far. Our first important business was to get black and white shakes from the Hardee’s in South Hill.

I’ll tell you what, Ram Nation is on the move to Houston. We stopped for gas in Charlotte and ran into about three cars full of Ram fans. Lots of hooting and hollering going on when we all saw each other’s Black and Gold. A local guy shouted over to us, “Hey, I used to play ball with Jamie Skeen every day at the Y!”

All the way through North Carolina, South Carolina, and into Atlanta we’ve seen so many Virginia cars decked out, heading to the Final Four. So, we’re up and out early in the a.m. I miss you already. Sleep sweet!


2 thoughts on “Rams on the Road

  1. I love yall! You’re the best! We’re 140 miles from Houston. The sunset over Lake Pelba, LA was worth the 20 hour drive, totally. My camera battery is shot, but I wish all yall and Meg were here. [but in a bigger car]. Go Rams!


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