Test Your Knowledge of Virginia Agriculture

Later this month, the Virginia Agriculture in the Classroom program will visit my blog to talk about agricultural literacy. As the population increases, pastures and fields decrease and farmland disappears. As a result, fewer farmers have to feed more people with less land; the acreage available for recreating or riding horses shrinks, too.

We depend on the land to meet our basic needs. I believe the land also helps meet our spiritual needs. How do we define ourselves in relation to creation? How does the land we live near, in turn, define us? Can an open field or an old oak tree or a double-peaked mountain nourish us just by being there day after day, year after year, decade after decade?

The better we recognize our dependence on land, the better we understand the daily choices we face in all aspects of our family lives. Just for fun, then, test your Virginia Ag IQ! The answers appear at the end of this post. Each question appears as a poll because I haven’t figured out how to make a quiz yet, so use the ‘vote’ button as ‘submit’.

Question 1

Question 2

Question 3

Question 4

Question 5

Question 6

Question 7

How did you do? Here are the answers:

  • 1. Virginia’s total farmland acreage is 8.1 million acres.
    2. There are 47,000 farms are in Virginia.
    3. Soybean is the number one cash crop in Virginia, corn is second, and tobacco third.
    4. 170,000 horses reside in Virginia. There are 692,000 head of cattle. Virginia produces an astounding 22 million turkeys annually. Happy Thanksgiving, y’all.
    5. 800,000 people participate in an equine event annually in Virginia.
    6. There are 1,000 recognized Century Farms, continually operating for 100 years or more.
    7. 14% of Virginia’s farmers are female.
  • Sources: Virginia Horse Industry Board and Virginia Agriculture in Schools.


    4 thoughts on “Test Your Knowledge of Virginia Agriculture

    1. I scored 5/7 – not bad. I wonder if I count as one of the female VA farmers since I am a part of RBF LLC limited 🙂


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