Lazy, Breezy Tuesday

Albert and I shared an apple this morning – a perfectly crisp Gala from Washington State. It was such an unseasonably cool morning that I think neither of us wanted to be anywhere but right where we were: looking out over his gate, across the hilly fields, and listening to the cat, the girls, the swallows racing around the barn.

After a few minutes of poll-scratching, he just leaned against me, and that one eyelid he’s got left started drooping and drooping. His head dropped; he drooled a little bit. Then, he gave it up.

It reminded me of when I used to watch my daughter resist sleeping at nap time. Nothing beats having your horse or your kid fall asleep in your arms. Or in Albert’s case – on my arm, actually.


One thought on “Lazy, Breezy Tuesday

  1. What a peaceful, wonderful experience. So often, everyone seems to lose track of what’s really important with all of the demands on our time. Obviously, you have made the time to develop a truly remarkable relationship with your dear Albert. Imagine how wonderful the world would be if we all shared an apple and a snooze with our horses…


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