Meet Mia


This sweet girl is Mia! She’s a Thoroughbred rescue mare, who – the way we heard it – ran one race and one race only. She stumbled out of the gate, threw her jockey, and then she jumped the rail and walked back to her stall. A rescue foundation saved her directly and kept her for two years. An eventer purchased her, and two years ago we bought her.

I don’t know that I’ve meet a horse with a sweeter disposition. She loves my daughter and will follow her anywhere. She likes to be comforted and sweet-talked, when she’s getting her feet done or her teeth floated. Mia takes treats with the gentlest mouth.

Sometimes I like to call her name, just so I can watch her look up: Did I hear my name?

Mia’s so curious and she’s so willing to try, but God bless her, she has high anxiety. High Anxiety, whenever you’re near. Hey ‘Xiety, it’s you that I fear.

Not a spooky horse really, just nervous in a bless-your-heart sort of way.

On Sunday, Albert and I were in the big ring at the south barn doing our Albert Yoga. My daughter and Mia joined us, and the mare was just as anxious as could be, I think because she hadn’t been in the big ring for a while. When she saw Albert, she settled down. She walked and trotted around him and came up to tell him hello, then she calmed down and dropped her head.

Albert benefited from being in the ring with Miss Mia, himself. He kept his ears following her, and even when she came up close on his blind side, he never moved, shifted, or tensed up…just twitching the ears. That was a nice morning, Sunday, being out with my girl and our horses.

I love Mia's face.
I love Mia's face.


2 thoughts on “Meet Mia

  1. Aw, Max, that’s Mia, too. She is also much improved; this is who she is. Don’t you just wish you could make it all better for them? Thanks, Caroline, for visiting the blog!
    Take care, gigi


  2. My dog Max sounds like the canine equivalent of Mia. He was a rescue, from an abusive situation. He has high anxiety, despite living with us in a loving and safe home for 4 years. He’s improved but I think it will always be part of him.

    I love your blog! I can get my horsey fix. ;o)

    Hope all’s well,


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