Albert · Chancey of the Maury River


Tomorrow night, I’m visiting a local 4-H club to talk about my book, Chancey of the Maury River.  This club meets at our barn, right across the green from Albert’s stall.  We have sunny, warm weather here in Virginia today, so I think  we’ll hold our talk outside, with Albert.

A week of rain turned the fields mud-ee! Albert’s feathery legs are pretty well caked.   While a month ago he  still looked like a fuzzy marshmallow – his coat gets nice and fluffy in the winter – now, I’d say he looks more like a splotchy marshmallow, in his transition-to-spring phase.

Truthfully, I’m relieved to see Albert shedding by the handfuls. Last year he never really shed out, and I worried about Cushing’s. His vet ventured that the impact of Albert’s surgery – two operations  in four weeks – stressed his body into a bit of a shut down. He got a lot of baths and hose downs last summer to keep him cool.

Well, he needs some serious beautifcation before he meets with those 4-Hers!

It could be worse
It could be worse

I feel a trip to the tack shop coming on. Certain essentials  – shedding blade, hoof pick, sponges – seem to disappear into the Universe of One Sock and One Sock Only.

I’ll reload today and pick up some fly spray while I’m out. The frogs are croaking already, and I saw a butterfly and two bees this week. The flies cannot be far behind.

So, big job, getting both of us ready to meet the CSF 4-H club. I’m looking forward to meeting this group of girls and hearing their horse stories.

I better make a list:

  • Run to the tack shop (shedding blade, a couple of hoof picks, sponges, fly spray)
  • Call Fountain Bookstore to confirm they’ll meet me there with books
  • Albert Spa Treatment
  • Pack up the Chancey show-and-tell box (toss in the camera)
  • Pick out a good outfit!
  • Retrieve my paddock boots back from my daughter (How does this even happen that with four pair of boots between us, I can find not one pair?)
  • Think about how to best tell the CSF that I wrote Chancey for them – people who love horses with their whole hearts, and
  • After we’re done, kiss my horse and tell him thank you.

One thought on “Beautification

  1. After many years in 4H, how can I thank you for your involvement, both as a horsewoman and as a writer? Clearly, your love of both runs deep. Albert’s story reflects the experience of so many horse lovers. And I enjoyed the list-making efforts, as well. The importance of proper riding equipment and equestrian apparel certainly do have a way of dissolving into the ether. We should be thankful for yet another reason to go browse the tack shop.


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