Meet Albert

Always happy to have a treat
Always happy to have a treat

Oh, I love this boy. He joined our family about eight years ago – ISH. I’d have to look at the papers to check the year.  He has taught me a thing or two about not judging people or horses (that story is for a future post).

We bought Albert from a wonderful horsewoman who cared well for him. For most of his life,  Albert was a school horse. He taught children hunter, jumper, and dressage. His true calling, though, was in therapeutic settings. The other day I heard, from someone who worked with him in his early days, that Albert’s therapeutic teaching career goes back sixteen years.

I’m not sure how old my guy is today..maybe twenty, maybe twenty-five, maybe in between. He’s lived in central Virginia for his whole life, and lots of people have different ideas about his age. The teeth say mid-twenties.

Ever since I’ve known Albert, he has valiantly battled eye cancer. We kept the cancer at bay for years through laser surgery and a bloodroot compound. Last year, we faced a tough decision. Albert’s left eye lost all vision, and the cancer created such pain, so we removed the eye.

Now he’s an Appy, you know. So you will understand when I say that he was brave and stoic throughout the surgery, post-op, and recovery. He’s doing great, and I’m late for lunch appointment, or I’d keep on rambling. I do want to point out the nice gate you see in this picture. I bought it for him when he was on stall rest, so he could stick his head out and be part of the barn family after his surgery. He LOVES this fricking gate. So do I. Best $90 I’ve ever spent. What I love so much  is sitting on the little bench beside him, while I write, and he surveys the landscape (and nudges me for peppermint).


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